Shahjahanpur Half Marathon 19th Dec 2017

By: Red Alert Bureau
Dec 15, 2017

 Shahjahanpur Half Marathon 19th Dec 2017

December 19, marks the death anniversaries of three sons of Shahjahanpur – Ram Prasad Bismil, Ashfaqulla Khan and Thakur Roshan Singh, executed by the Britishers on this vary day for their involvement in the Kakori conspiracy. The revolutionaries sentenced to death died with a smile on their lips and a prayer that they be born again in India so that they could fight again for the country’s freedom. The three Indian revolutionaries are remembered ever today for their contribution in the Indian freedom movement.


Date – 19th December 2017

Time to reach – 8:00 AM at Shahjahanpur Cantt.

Time to start – 9:30 AM.

Start point – Joggers Park, Shahjahanpur Cantonment.


1. 21 Kilometer – For Male above 18 years.

2. 10 Kilometer –

    (a). For Male and Female (separately) above  18years.

    (b). For Boys and Girls (separately) below 18 years.

3. 5 Kilometer –

    (a). Student of class 3 to 7, separately for boys and girls.

    (b). Students of class 8 to 12, separately for boys and girls.

   (c). For male and female above 18 years, separately for male and female.

Prize, Medals and Certificates will be given to winners in all the categories. 



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